How to calculate Refrigerator monthly energy cost

Knowing about refrigerator energy cost is the most important thing before choosing a refrigerator.

So Guys, today in this our “Refrigerator Master” will teach you. How to calculate refrigerator monthly energy cost. Sometimes we take the cheapest price refrigerator. But if we take a higher energy cost fridge, it wastes our money compared to the cheapest fridge.

Okay, guys, let’s see below, but it will be lower or higher in a different situation. It’s related to the compressor duty cycle. After the calculation part, I described this matter. So guys, carefully read this post, don’t miss any section.

How to calculate refrigerator monthly energy cost step by step:

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Step 1: Collect Technical information:

You will find all information with the warranty or guideline book or on the product page.

Or scan QR code by phone to find technical details. It will be on the sticker with h body.

What information needs?

  1. Wattage.
  2. Volt.
  3. Ampere
  4. How many times you want to run.

5. Refrigerator duty cycle.

Explain Little Refrigerator duty cycle:

It’s essential and must-needed data to calculate refrigerator energy cost. That directly depends on calculating. Refrigerator duty cycle means A data for compress performance in a minute. Explain: if you run the refrigerator 24/7 day it’s not our exact time for Calculation. If your refrigerator duty cycle is 50%, that means we take 12 hours from 24 hours.

Or if it will be 30%, we take 8 hours from 24 hours.

Stander cycle is 50%, and for Energy, Star fridge is 30%.

I think you got it. And in this situation it’s variable. That I’ve explained below Calculation.

Step 2: How to calculate by voltage and Ampere:

Some product page hasn’t Wattage, there have Volt and Ampere only. If you face this situation, so you need to know to convert it.


  • A = 3,
  • V = 50,
  • W = 50 x 3,
  • Or W = 150 watt.

Step 3: How to calculate Wattage to KW.

This is the final step to calculate per month KW energy. Then I will see how you will convert it KW to $USD.

If you find Wattage then don’t need Ampere and Volt. But, if you won’t find Wattage, then figure out watt by volt and Ampere according to the above formula.

Well, if your refrigerator.

Watt is = 150,

And Running time = 24 hours per day.

According to Duty cycle = 8 Hours per day (30%, Energy Star Refrigerator)

 Monthly Watt = 8 x 30 x 150 = 36000.

KW = 21600 % 1000 = 36 Kw.

Step 4: Convert Watt to USD.

If you are living in the United States, different places kW cost is different. So you should know about your place electric price. You can check from this website, your state electric cost. 

Or see this infographic.

Cost Of Electricity In Your State (USA)
Cost Of Electricity In Your State (USA)

Check Here Current Price

For example, I take here an average of 20 cents per 1 kW electric cost.

Monthly energy cost = 36 (from above calculation)

Per Kw cost = 20 cent.

Monthly energy cost is = 20 x 36 = 720 cent or $7.2.

This way, calculate your refrigerator’s monthly energy cost.

Which situation will be variable your refrigerator energy cost?

Energy Star:

Energy start refrigerator compressor duty is lower than a normal refrigerator. And you already got that for this lowest duty cycle its energy cost will be lower than the regular fridge.

Refrigerator Type:

If you want to use commercial, here have multiple features. Like, display, water or ice disposer, autodefrost, and many smart features. For these features here is need some extra energy. So commercial refrigerator energy cost will some higher than the estimated calculation cost.


If your refrigerator placed location is in the garage or any warm position, the energy cost would be higher from the normal position.

Cause, these situation compressors need extra effort for always cooling time.


On hot season needs extra effort from the winter season. In the winter season, the weather has a cold, then doesn’t need extra effort to keep cooling.

So, in the hot season, your refrigerator energy cost will increase.


If you are using your refrigerator in a shop, then you need to open it an annunciator. 

For the opening, each time refrigerator lost some cool.

Then the compressor needs higher pumping for Retracting cold. For this situation, the energy cost will increase.

Temperature Point:

When you extra load in your fridge camber, you need to run at the maximum point. For this situation, the cost will little increase.


If your refrigerator door isn’t sealed or made it lower quality. Then the temperature will lose by this Door. For this energy, the cost will so much increase.

So, you should take a sealed door refrigerator.


Age is an essential facet of the increase in energy cost.

The oldest fridge can’t perform like a new fridge. When its age is 10-15, Door, compressor, and features can’t be right to perform. 

So, if possible, change your oldest fridge, if you seem your oldest refrigerator energy cost is higher.

Bottom Line:

I think you got that How to calculate refrigerator monthly energy cost. And also you got that which situation your refrigerator energy cost will be increased. 

So, if you want to reduce your cost to avoid those. And if you think this was a helpful post, don’t forget to share this with your friend. 

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