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Energy Star VS Non Energy Star Refrigerator | 7 Comparisons

I think already you have listened to an energy star, right?

I think you guessed about the energy star for this calling. But, what is the energy star VS non energy star Refrigerator?

In this post, I’m going to discuss this in detail about this. And also, energy star and non energy star 7 comparison. And after reading this post, you will understand how important it is to choose an energy star Refrigerator. So guys, let’s carefully know the details about this.

What have in this? See at a glance before jumping in the article.

  • Introduce energy star certification.
  • Introduce to energy star Refrigerator.
  • How to work Energy-star certified Refrigerator for reducing energy cost.
  • And what is the comparison between these two types of Fridge?

Step by Step, everything about energy star VS Non energy star Refrigerator.

Energy Star VS Non Energy Star Refrigerator Top 3 Comparison
Energy Star VS Non-Energy Star Refrigerator, Top 3 Comparison

What is Energy Star?

Energy star means less energy using an appliance. The US government recognizes that. After many steps of testing, the US government provides energy star certified.

That is most reliable from any other testing certificate. More than 10% efficient from the US federal minimum energy standard. So, you got it that Energy Star is the most reliable certificate for an appliance.

What is a Refrigerator Energy Star?

Refrigerator energy star means a Refrigerator that uses a minimum lower energy point a whole year. Example: For a mini-fridge that has Energy Star certified, that Fridge will use only $25 the energy cost for a year.

And for a full-size Refrigerator that has energy star certified, that Fridge will use $75 electric cost for a year.

I found data from the Energy Star Government official Site. That is an Energy Star Refrigerator that can save $200-$250 energy cost, 12-year lifetime Fridge.

And they also said, if all US guys use an energy star Refrigerator, it can save near $700 million per year.

That is an important matter for our State and environment. So if we all guys start using an energy star Refrigerator, we can save our lot of national energy and protect our environment.

How does an energy star Refrigerator work?

Energy Star Refrigerators work in smart ways. A typical Refrigerator compressor always works. But, an energy

An Energy star Compressor works until it reaches a targeted cold. Then the compressor stops work and holds the cold for a long-time because it has a sealed door.

And the Energy Star Refrigerator duty cycle is 30%. That means when you calculate the electric cost, it just takes 8 hours from 24 hours or 30% of real running time. If you want to know more details about the Refrigerator duty cycle, check here.

Energy Star VS Non-energy star top 7 Comparisons:

1. Energy star Refrigerator Work smart way. But, the Non-Energy star Fridge works incessantly.

2. The Energy Star Compressor stays cold enough. But Non-Star won’t stay cold for continuously compressing.

3. Energy Star Fridge durable for extended use. But the non-energy star isn’t stable.

4. Non-Energy Star compressors can cool very fastly. But Energy stars can’t fast cool like energy certified. (Cause lower percent duty cycle)

5. Energy-certified Fridge can hold a long cold time. But, a non-certified Fridge can’t keep cold for a long time.

6. Energy certified Refrigerators cost 50% lower than non-certified Refrigerators.

 7. Energy stars are environment friendly, compared with non-star.

Bottom Line:

I think you got that energy star VS non-Energy star Refrigerator comparison. So, now you like energy star, Right?

And I already said that it’d saved our national and world environment & energy cost.

And if you want every guy to start using an energy star Refrigerator for saving our world energy, please share this more and more.

Stay safe and save our nature.

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