How much power does a mini Fridge use [$25-$35]

If you want to know exactly how much power a mini-fridge uses, here are many things. So, in this post, I’m going to talk about everything it’s energy consumption.

In this “Refrigerator calculate energy cost “post, I’ve discussed refrigerator energy calculation. You can calculate your tiny-fridge energy cost.

But, there is little difference for mini-fridge, which I discussed here in detail. Also, I said for which cause you small-fridge energy cost will increase. So, carefully read every part.

If you want to use a portable fridge instead of a full-size kitchen refrigerator, it’s the best option. Which place is enough for using a tiny fridge, like these: personal use, bedroom, office, and dorm, etc you should use the mini-fridge. Cause it is more comfortable, easy to maintain, and much less energy cost.

So, guys, let’s know about power consumption.

How much power does a mini fridge use, standard calculation?

If you have read my previous post, which I mentioned at first, you have got about calculation. But, also, I’ve shared here too.


Mini Fridge Energy Cost Calculation
Tiny Fridge Energy Cost Calculation

If it’s an energy star mini-fridge, its duty cycle is 30%. That means I take here 8 hours per day if you want to plugin it 24 hours. (In the “Energy star VS on energy star fridge” this post I discussed details about duty cycle)

And it doesn’t always run time. When it reaches up a specific cool, then it will be off until losing a particular temperature.

And typically, a portable fridge is 80 to 100 watts.

So, monthly energy cost is =

  • W = 80 X 8 X 30 = 19200.
  • (Watt = 80, hours day= 8, days = 30)
  • Convert it W to KW = 19200 % 1000 = 19.2kw.

When you convert it kW to $, then need to know about your state par kW energy cost.

I take here an average of 13 cents for 1Kw, according to the United States.

  • So, monthly Cost is = 19.2 x 13 = 249.6 cent or $2.49.
  • Yearly is = $2.49 x 12 = $29.9.

It’s half of a full-size kitchen refrigerator.

Chart about small fridge VS Kitchen Refrigerator energy cost.

Mini fridge VS Kitchen Refrigerator energy cost.
Mini fridge VS Kitchen Refrigerator energy cost

The different situations of small fridge energy cost.

You have got about a mini-fridge energy cost. But, for different situations and behavior, it will increase.

It can’t take constant energy all time. But, it doesn’t take more than $35-40 monthly energy.

Let’s do those things.

1. Frequently Use:

If you open it frequently, it will lose its energy. And the compressor will run frequently. For this reason, the duty cycle will increase. Then calculation will be like this: KW par day = 80 x 10 x 30.

Before, I took 8 hours per day, but here is 10 for frequently using.

2. Door Seal:

The door is an important part of holding the energy for a long time. If your tiny fridge door is of poor quality, it will lose temperature quickly.

3. Quality Manufacturing:

If it is here using more advanced technology, it will save more energy.

4. Environment:

If the outside weather is warm, it loses cool very fastly. So, in the winter season, the cost will be safer. And for summer it will increase.

If you use it in a hot place or Cold room (Air Condition), it will be variable.

5. Setting:

It’s simple that if you always run high-speed cooling mode, its power cost will increase.

6. Age:

The oldest small Fridge can’t perform well. So for old age, your mini-fridge (8-10 years). Energy costs will increase. It depends on your brand quality.

Bottom Line:

I hope you have deeply understood how much power does a portable fridge use. So you can take a small fridge from doubts if you think it will take much energy.

And you got that which causes its cost to increase. So, now you can be careful about using your mini-fridge to reduce energy costs.

So, guys, if you think this was very informatics for you, don’t forget to share it with your friend.

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