How to clean a Refrigerator door stainless steel | 3 methods

Do you know about the proper way to clean refrigerator door stainless steel?

Cleaning a fridge door is an important thing, especially stainless steel. Cause if you don’t take the right way, your door will get speckled. Or if it clings to deep stains or dirt. The normal cleaning process doesn’t remove it.

So guys, in this post, I will show you the three best methods. Which way you can easily clean safely and wipe deep dirt or stain.

Below, step by step, follow these processes. Or is your refrigerator door made of plastic or other material?

Don’t worry, and you can use these methods. These methods are safe for any material doors.

Step by step into three methods: 

3 Steps How to clean a refrigerator door stainless steel.

Method 1: Clean deep stains and fingerprints.

Clean Deep Stains And Fingerprints
Clean Deep Stains And Fingerprints


1. Warm Water.

2. Dishwasher or Mild detergent.

3. Fiber Cloth.

4. Dry paper or 

Stainless steel doors are more dangerous for getting scratches or fingerprints. So you need to remove it regularly. To do so, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Check the stain.

Stainless steel has a texture like wood. And it will be horizontally or vertically. Or it doesn’t have any grain.

If it is horizontal, then you need to wipe it vertically or horizontally. That means a clean reverse method of grain. If there won’t be any grain or it will be super smooth, you can wipe it randomly.

But, normally, the refrigerator door is super smooth because it has coated other materials.

STEP 2:  Prepare a washing mixture.

Now take a one-quarter cup of warm water. Pour in 4-5 drops of dishwasher liquid. Stir with a stick until fully mixed with water. And the water will be foamy, or you will see bubbles in the water.

Note: Don’t use abrasive detergent; use a soft detergent. It will scratch your door surface. So, dishwasher detergent is safe here.

STEP 3: Clean Stain.

Now take fiber clothes, and wet them with mixed detergent and wring them. Then wipe the door mildly.

Note: Don’t press deeply. It will cause a scratch.

STEP 4: Wash the door.

After cleaning with detergent, it needs to be washed. Before washing, wait for something to take a cleaning action.

Now take a little fresh warm water & soft cloth. And soak it then wash it well with a cloth.

STEP 5: Dry Refrigerator Door.

After washing by the door, take a towel or dry kitchen paper, and clean all water from the door.

Now your stainless steel fridge door is clean and glace.

Method 2: Polishing Stainless Steel door.

Polishing Stainless Steel door
Polishing Stainless Steel door

After removing all stains or dirt, you can polish for more brightness. It’s your choice.

But, if your refrigerator door is pure stainless steel or its surface isn’t coated, then polishing is better here.

Also, it improves the surface and doesn’t get rusty. And it can increase door life if it is made of metal.

So it’s good that after washing polish it.

Let’s know how you will do polishing:


1. White vinegar

2. Spray Bottle.

3. Mineral or Olive oil.

4. Non Abrasive microfiber cloth.

STEP 1 spray with vinegar.

White can remove dirt very well from metal. Before polishing, clear it with white vinegar. But if you have cleaned with detergent, then you don’t need to do it.

Note: Don’t clean it with standard acid. It can cause acute damage to the door surface.

Take a spray bottle and fill with 1/4 part white vinegar from the bottle. And splash it thinly on the door surface. Care spray as if it won’t be thicker

STEP 2: Wipe sprayed vinegar.

After spraying vinegar, clean it with cotton or a microfiber cloth. Wipe it on the reverse of grain direct. Clean until remove all mist.

STEP 3: Polish with oil.

Now take mineral or olive oil with a cloth. And polish it gently on the door surface.

Don’t nappy much oil; it can catch dirt quickly.

So clean extra oil with a soft cotton cloth. And polishing time, add little oil with a fabric.

Method 3: Using a dedicated Stainless Steel door cleaner.

A Dedicated Door Cleaner
A Dedicated Door Cleaner

Using a dedicated cleaner is best for reducing cleaning time and labor.

Making mixture, slowly cleaning by cloth, or polishing process is timely, especially when you will do it regularly.

So, guys, for this reason using an excellent stainless steel door refrigerator cleaner is the best option for you. It can clean deep dirty fingerprints from the door. And more reliable than others.

When you can’t clean deep dirt by the homemade process, then these are the best option for you.

Below I share step by step how to clean a refrigerator door stainless steel with a dedicated cleaner.


1. Refrigerator Spray Cleaner.

2. Stainless Steel wipe cloth.

3. Stainless Steel scratch removal kit.

STEP 1:  Clean by door Spray.

You can get the best spray cleaner from the local supermarket. Or you can purchase it from Amazon.

Rejuvenate is best for stainless steel doors and recommended for you.

Rejuvenate is best for plastic, or any material made door.

Simply spray it on the door and wait 1-2 minutes for it to soak fully. Then wipe it with a non-abrasive fiber cloth. It’s straightforward, but before I could read it well using a guide.

STEP 2: Purchase a stainless steel wipe.

Using a dedicated stainless steel wipe is best instead of regular cloth.

Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner” You can use it for cleaning, dirty, polishing, drying. It’s specifically made for stainless steel and non-abrasive. Also, it’s best for other materials made at the door.

I suggest it because it can remove dust quickly.

STEP 3: Use a scratch remover kit.

If your refrigerator has scratched, there isn’t an alternative to using a scratch remover product.

So you can use a scratch remover kit. It’s specifically made for stainless steel doors or appliances.

It can remove scratches very well and make a smooth surface. But it isn’t deep.

Read the product using the description and use this kit to remove the scratch from your refrigerator door.

Bottom Line:

I think you got how to clean a stainless steel Refrigerator’s door. And I hope you enjoy these three best methods.

Clean your door every month or three-month cycle by this process. And care for your refrigerator door because it can prevent cold loss.

So guys, if you enjoyed these tips and tricks, don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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