How to measure refrigerator cubic feet by Simple 3 Steps

Are you planning to purchase a refrigerator for your family? Or do you want to know that how to Measure Refrigerator Cubic Feet?

You should know refrigerator space before getting a perfect refrigerator for your family. Or do you want to know Measure a Refrigerator Cu Ft?

Sometimes, we don’t know how our Fridge exactly space is. Or we want to check that our Refrigerator has exact Cubic Feet space, which said, manufacturer.

I think you are in a Refrigerator supermarket for purchasing a brand new fridge. Otherwise, you want to measure your refrigerator, which you have already purchased, Right? Or if anything else here, no problem. Cause our main target is to measure a Refrigerator cubic feet.

So In this post, I’m going to show you in detail about Cubic Feet. And how you can measure it.

How to measure Refrigerator Cubic Feet by Tape.

  • A Cubic Feet means 1 Ft height x 1 Ft widget x 1Ft length. 
  • 2 Cubic Feet means 2 Ft height x 2 Ft widget x 2Ft length. 

I think you guessed how to measure cubic feet.

Take a tape and measure refrigerator height, weight, and dept.

Reminded here:

  • 12 inch = 30.48 cm = 1 Feet.
  • In the case of Cubic,
  • 12 inch X 12 inch X 12 inch = 34 cm X 34 cm X 34 cm = 1 Ft X 1 Ft X 1 Ft.
  • Or, 1728 Cubic Inch = 28,316.84 Cubic CM = 1 Cubic Ft.

This is just an example relation between Cubic Inch, Cubic Centimeter, and Cubic Feet. I think you got this Cubic relation. So now, let’s go to the main calculation. 

For Example: if your refrigerator is:

  • 5 ft height x 4 ft width x 3 depth
  • Cubic Feet is = 60 Cu Ft.

This way, measure the freezer section plus the refrigerator section + the freezer compartment to get full measure.

How to Measure Refrigerator Cu Ft
Info-Graphic How to Measure Refrigerator Cu Ft

How to convert Cu Ft to Litter.

If you want to store beverages in your fridge, then you need to measure Liter.

Now, I will see you convert 1 Cu Ft to liter.

First, I said that 1 Cu Ft = 28.3 Liters.

Let’s know its calculation.

Remind here:

  • 1000 centiliter = 1 Cu Ft.
  • 1 Feet = 30.48 Centimeters.
  • And you know that Cubic Feet = (height x width x depth)
  • So, 1 Cu Ft = (30.48 x 30. 48 x 30.48)

Cause, height, width, and depth are the same for 1 Cubic centimeter. Or 1 Cu Ft = 283116.84 Cubic Centimeters.

Now convert it Centimeter to Liter

  • 28316.84 % 1000 (liters)
  • Or 28.3 Liters.
  • That means 1 Cu Ft = 28.3 Liters.
  • Now, if your refrigerator is 10 Cu Ft.
  • Liters is = 10 x 28.3 or 283 Liters.

How to Measure Cu Ft to Pound or Kg.

It needs us, especially for the freezer section. Cause in the freezer section, we store frozen food like ice cream, chocolate, fish, or meat.

And these foods are calculated by pound or kilogram.

But, here I have a problem converting Cft to Pound or kg. Why? 

Cft means volume, and Pound means weight or mass. So you can’t directly convert Cft to pound. For converting pounds, there is a need, basic material weight (which food you want to store in the freezer).

But, this is too difficult to measure for a specific food. After an estimated calculation, I found that in 1 Cft freezer space, you can store 35-40 pounds or 16-20 kg frozen foods.

Bottom Line:

You have understood how you measure a Refrigerator Cu Ft. Now, you can easily buy the right space refrigerator. Or you can calculate your refrigerator space. If you want to get more tips from me, you can regularly follow my blog or connect to my social page.

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