How to Repair a Torn Refrigerator Door Seal by 7 Steps

I think your Refrigerator Door gasket has torn or ruined. So you want to know how to repair a torn refrigerator door seal, Right? Don’t worry, and welcome to this article.

A Door seal or Door gasket is an essential part of preventing losing cold. Your door gasket has damage that means your Fridge chamber doesn’t get cold enough. So as soon as you need to change it.

If you aren’t a Refrigerator Technician, you think that it’s a difficult task. Or you have planned for calling a Technician. If you feel these, leave it. Cause to changing a Fridge Door seal doesn’t need to be a Refrigerator Expert. After reading this article, you can change it easily at home. Also, here I added a video tutorial. It will save you money, instead of purchasing a new refrigerator. So don’t skip this, and check below.

But, first, you have to purchase a new gasket. So you can purchase it from Amazon. Here have available all models of Fridge’s gasket.

Step by step, how to repair a torn refrigerator door seal?

Step 1: Preparing the Refrigerator.

Before repairing a door gasket, you have to prepare your Fridge. That means to remove all foods and plug them out. And if it has been placed near a wall or other appliance, then move it.

Step 2: Remove Door Hinge.

To remove the Door first, remove the Door bolt cover. To remove the cover, grip hardly with your hand and then pull with force.

After removing the cover open, you will see 3-4 bolts. Now open bolts by a Nut driver or Socket. Then remove the door hinge and save them door lose these.

Step 3: Remove Water dispenser.

If your Fridge has a Water Dispenser, then you have to disconnect it. Otherwise, you can’t remove the Door. For disconnecting, pull “Kick Plate” by hand, which will be under the bottom of the Fridge.

Then you will see a pipe and disconnect it by anti-clockwise rotating. Now you can remove the door easily.

Step 4: Move the Door.

Before replacing the gasket, you have to place it, such as space where you can easily work by rotating all sides. I suggest putting it on a table.

Step 5: Remove Gasket

First, check your new gasket, whether it has the right size. If it is a little bit smaller, then soak it in hot water to increase size. Ok, now take a wire cutter and snip gasket until door liner.

Then pull hard and will come out the end part from the inner. Now cut it, and pull all and get it out from the inner part.

Step 6: Preparing For attaching a new gasket.

Take a putty knife and run it around between inside and outside and remove all scrap. Cause you can’t put a new gasket if there exists tape, foam, or chunk. But don’t push it deeply to remove these.

Step 7: Place a new gasket.

The gasket has a hard plastic part that will need to enter the inner part. And entering it, you have to use something like a stick but not sharp.

Now place the gasket in the right position. Then first push four corners and Insert first all corner parts. After this, push slowly and put all hard Rubber/Plastic into the Door inner.

Step 8: Install the Door

Now your Fridge torn seal has been repaired. Install it with your Refrigerator. I think you can do it easily. Cause it’s the reverse process of which you followed before for removing the Door.

Infographic, How to Replace a Refrigerator Door Gasket
Infographic, How to Replace a Refrigerator Door Gasket

Bottom Line:

I think you got everything about repairing the Door seal after reading this tutorial and seeing the Video. If you really like this, don’t forget to share it on your social profile. And to get more Refrigerator knowledge and consultation, don’t forget to revisit this blog. For knowing anything about Refrigerator, visit first or Join our Facebook community. Thanks again for reading this full post.

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