How do you know if your Refrigerator Compressor is bad?

Suppose you ask any local Refrigerator expert. How do you know if your Refrigerator compressor is bad?

He can’t answer a line. But, if your new Refrigerator compressor has suddenly stopped, it probably happened for alarm. So, you face this problem, first check your Fridge alarm.

If it’s OK, then you need to check more options.

For identifying a lousy compressor, first, you have to ensure what’s happening.

  • So, the common problem is are:
  • compressor is totally stopped.
  • Compressor clicks on & off.
  • compressor fan not working.
  • It’s too noisy.

So, ensure what’s happening with your compressor. Then check step by step. Below, I’ve described how you will find out all of these problems. And how you will fix it.

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Step by step, how To Notice Bad Compressor?

Refrigerator Compressor Checking Process
Refrigerator Compressor Checking Process

1. How you know that you need to replace your compressor.

I’ve already said that a brand new Refrigerator will suddenly be stopped for alarm. So, first, check your alarm. If it’s ok, then there are two causes.

1. Compressor relay is bad.

2. Or Compressor is bad.

Ok, guys, let’s know step by step how you will check it.

Step 1: Unplug your refrigerator power line from the wall plug or main plug.

Step 2: Unplug the cord from Refrigerator’s main power plug.

Step 3: Move the Fridge if it has near the wall or other appliances.

Step 4: Open compressor panel by screw. You will see the backside of the bottom.

Step 5: After opening the panel, you will find a device with a compressor; it calls a starter relay switch. Now unplug this relay switch from the compressor.

Step 6:  Grab the relay in your hand and shake it a little. If it seems to rattle, that means the relay is bad. It needs to replace its cost around $20. You can order it from Amazon. Here is the best relay.

If your relay is good, that means you need to replace the compressor. So, contact any local Refrigerator repair workshop or Warranty ( if have).

Refrigerator Compressor clicks on & off.

If you noticed that your compressor clicks turn on & off and are a brand new Fridge, probably it is not any problem. Cause an energy-saving fridge always doesn’t work. It stopped when reaching the target cool. Then when it loses her cold, it will start again.

But, if you notice an exception, then here have doubts. As is your compressor, turn it off and on frequently. That means it has overloaded, or the relay starter has a problem.

So first check whether it has overloaded. If the load is ok, then check the relay start by amplifier meter. You can order from here the best amplifier meter. Cause if your Refrigerator will destroy, it is a significant loss for you.

Also, you can call any local Refrigerator expert if your relay is bad, change it immediately.

The compressor fan is not working.

If you noticed that your compressor fan is not working, you should fix it instantly.

Cause fan is an essential device for preventing heat. It’s like your computer fan.

So, open your compressor and then check that it has located the exact position. If you find a locate problem, fix it according to the manufacturer manual. Or search youtube “Refrigerator brand ” + compressor fan.

If you see that your compressor fan has broken or been destroyed anyhow, then change it from any local expert. or contact the owner for a warranty.

The compressor is too noisy.

If your brand new compressor is too noisy, it’s a bad sign for you. So immediately contact the manufacturer. If it’s a common issue of your model, that means probably you have chosen a bad model because a good Fridge compressor should always be silent enough.

Or if your old Refrigerator suddenly starts noisily. Try to understand the sound sources. If possible, fix it or get help from an expert.

If this issue is significant, don’t waste time replacing it as soon as. Cause a compressor is the heart of the Refrigerator.

Bottom Line:

After reading this article, I think you got that. How do you identify if your Refrigerator compressor is bad?

And I have tried to describe everything about the common problem of Fridge compressors. If you seem, it starts something dangerous out of the common issue.

Don’t waste your time in contact with the owner or any local expert. Or put your question in our community. You will get an answer as soon as possible.

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