What size Generator to run Refrigerator and Freezer?

If you ask me, What size Generator to run Refrigerator and Freezer?

As a RAC Engineer, I can’t answer you within a sentence. Because here there are many things when you want to exact a generator for your refrigerator or fridge.

Before giving your answer, I’ve two questions for you.

That is:

  • What size of refrigerator or freezer do you want to purchase? or do you already use it? Or, what is your refrigerator wattage?
  • Do you want to use a generator for other home appliances alongside your refrigerator?

According to your refrigerator, we need to calculate the perfect generator size, wattage, or volt.

But, I don’t know about your refrigerator or freezer. So in this article, I will discuss everything related between the fridge and generator.

So, guys, carefully read this article before choosing a perfect generator for your refrigerator or freezer.

Note: I’ve also recommended here some perfect models according to your refrigerator size. These are analyzed from Wirecutter, Consumerreports, Thespruce.

So you can take a perfect model from this as you need.

Which thing should we know before choosing the best size refrigerator?

To find a perfect generator, these things you should know first. So at first, find out these data from your refrigerator or freezer.

Or which you are going to for purchase.

Refrigerator Watt:

Every refrigerator is different in wattage, so first, you will figure out the wattage of your fridge. And watt is the primarily related matter with a generator.

So, check the product tag to find watt. Or check the shop page in the specification section. If you don’t see its product page, ask on the seller or community.

Refrigerator Volt:

Volt is especially needed when your refrigerator is portable, mini, or commercial size. And if you want to get a fridge dedicated power generator.

Because, when you want to use it for a tiny size fridge, 80-100 volt is enough. And if you use it for commercial purposes or home uses, then there is a regular home voltage like 220-250V.

Starting Watt:

Starting wattage means how many watts need a refrigerator during the starting time.

Typically starting wattage needs little more than running wattage.

A mini-fridge starting watt is 800-1000w, and for a regular fridge, it’s 1500-2000w.

Running Watt:

It’s also a direct depending matter between a refrigerator and generator. It means how many watts consume a fridge or freezer at running time.

Usually, a mini-fridge needs 500-800 watts per day.

And the kitchen fridge needs 1000-1500 watts per day.

(According to calculation)

Generator type:

There are many different types of generators available in the market. But, the primary two types are inverter and conventional.

The inverter can produce up to 4000 watts. And its efficiency, smooth supply also lower noise.

Other hands, conventional can produce over 10,000 watts and it is loud.

So, you have understood that the inverter is best here. Cause 4000 watts is enough for running a large-size fridge alongside whole home appliances. Like, AC, computers, or others.

Also, for a mini-fridge, a solar generator is perfect. It’s environmental-friendly, even energy cost free.

Generator for Portable Fridge:

Suppose you are going to take a generator for your portable fridge. Like, a mini beverage cooler. It can be possible to run by 12 volt DC power. So you can use a 12-volt battery or a portable solar generator.

Perfect size Generator for a mini-fridge:

If your fridge is 1-5 Cubic feet, there isn’t a need for a regular size generator. A 500-watt Generator can run this fridge. Also, a solar generator can run this.

So, “Jackery Portable Power Station” is the recommended solar Generator for you.

The best generator for a kitchen fridge or freezer:

For a dedicated kitchen or regular size refrigerator like 10 Cubic feet to 20 cubic feet.

It can run this by a mid-level generator. That can deliver 2000 watts.

Generac 7117” and “Generac GP3000i” is the recommended model for your refrigerator.

Top 3 Generators, Those can run any Refrigerator
Top 3 Generators, Those can run any Refrigerator

Best size generator for commercial Fridge:

If your refrigerator is commercial type or upper than 20 cubic feet, you need a regular size generator to deliver 3000-5000 wattage.

With this generator, you can use whole appliances.

So, you can choose from these three best inverter generators.

Bottom Line:

I think you got your answer: What size Generator to run Refrigerator and Freezer??

I recommend it here to you. I research these from Consumer Reports, Wirecutter, Thespruce, and (best niche site). And these are trusted product recommending sites, and I think you know.

So, you can take your perfect generator for your refrigerator.

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